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Spiritual Director, Leader of Retreats and Quiet Days.

Welcome to my website.

My hope and prayer is that as you look through the various sections and consider living reflectively and praying reflectively you will be drawn closer to the Lord.

My ministry includes: Retreats, Quiet Days, Spiritual Direction and Seminars

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this either for yourself or your Church group.

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Living Reflectively

The practice of living reflectively enables a person to take time to consider the outcomes of their actions, the impact their comments have on others, the message their life is giving to their family, neighbours, friends, work colleagues. It gives one the time to reflect on these and, if the desire is to live a Christ-like life, then the opportunity, with the Holy Spirit's help, to change.

Praying Reflectively

One of the ways of getting to know God is by spending quality time with the scriptures. Meditating, musing, chewing over the passage - all ways of delving into the truths contained within and in so doing seeing the One of whom they speak.


A retreat is simply taking time and creating the space and quiet in which to reflect.

Change, Transition, New Beginnings

An interactive seminar exploring the challenges that living with change brings.