maureen2      Maureen Stringer:

Licensed Lay Worker, Spiritual director, retreat leader, prayer guide. I have led retreats and quiet days for over 25 years, and have been offering spiritual mentoring and spiritual direction for 12 years.My early career was teaching Business Studies in secondary schools, both in the UK and in a school for missionaries children in Nigeria. I then moved into education administration: Product and Project management; developing teaching and learning materials and providing teacher training as part of on-going professional development programmes.

The relationship between personality and prayer has always been of interested to me and I am blessed in encouraging others in their exploration of prayer. This has been a focus for Quiet Days and training sessions and Exploring Prayer is offered as a one-day or weekend workshop.

Exploring prayer personally and with others confirmed my preference for and desire to share Contemplative prayer. Resources for living reflectively and praying reflectively are on my website.

I sometimes refer to myself as a hybrid: Baptist roots, with experiences in Charismatic, Brethren, Anglican, Methodist and inter-denominational fellowships. I've explored Ignatian Spirituality, and am a trained Ignatian Spiritual Director.

Within the Church context, I've been involved with Alpha, led discipleship groups and a house group, overseen a Mentoring programme, assisted with a Pastoral Care training course and offered Quiet Days. In my 'retirement' I am a Licensed Lay Worker in a Parish Church combining prayer ministry, preaching and small group work. I continue to offer spiritual direction, quiet days and accompany people on individually guided retreats. I've also been working with people experiencing change and transition. So many of us have faced changes and sometimes we need support working through the transition into whatever new beginnings the Lord has for us. Change, living through transition is a one-day interactive seminar.

In my free time I enjoy exploring the countryside and coast around where I live, gardening, patchwork and quilting. On holiday I enjoy visiting interesting places around the world.

If you are looking for someone to lead a quiet day or retreat, for a Spiritual Director or for the Exploring Prayer Workshop or Change, Transition, New Beginnings Seminar please contact me and I will be happy to discuss this with you.