A one-day retreat

1. Plan

Plan carefully when you are going to take your day out, where it will be and how you will make sure it is not going to be disturbed. Plan ahead.

Make sure all the regular activities are covered for that day. If you are staying at home, take the phone off the hook or put the answerphone on.

If you are going to eat during the time set apart for your retreat, get it ready beforehand so that no time is taken out of your day having to prepare food.

Finally, prepare ahead of time what you are going to be reading, or thinking through, or praying, have a Bible and note book to hand and consider what music if any you are going to use and gather any craft or art materials that you might use so that you have everything you need to hand.

2. Have a programme

Something like the following might help - adjust the times according to your needs. You may for example know that you need more than 15 minutes at the start to relax and enter into a time of stillness - that's OK allow yourself longer.


Relaxation. During this time focus your thoughts on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray and ask the Lord to open your heart and your mind to His word and His Spirit ministering to you.


Meditate on a particular word or phrase.

Make a note of anything that seems important and talk to the Lord about it.








Return to whatever is your focus for the day.


Finish the day with a time of prayer and thanksgiving.


Slowly return to the normal routine of life.

3. Schedule a review

Make time a week or so later to consider what happened during your personal retreat and what has happened since.

Remember to make a note in your journal about what took place and talk to the Lord about whatever you discover.