Have you ever watched children who are listening to a story? Did you notice how they hang on every word they hear? Then when asked questions about the story somehow they have a very clear picture in their mind of it. Children are very good at using their imagination - most of us were once very good at using our imagination but somehow as we grow older we loose that, we rarely enter into things in the same way - except maybe when reading a good novel!

Visualisation invites you again to enter into the story, to picture what is going on and maybe to become part of the story.

Here are some pointers about how you do it.

Become familiar with an incident from one of the Gospels. Chose a short passage -something that is just a few verses - a good starting point is St Marks Gospel. You may want to try Ch 1 v 9 - 12 for a start, the baptism and temptation of Jesus, then v 14 - 20, the calling of the first disciples, and so on.

Read through the chosen verses at least three times - until you are very familiar with them.

Put the Bible to one-side and go over the story again in your mind; tell the story to yourself but this time enter into the story, be an observer, someone standing by watching what has been going on. Take it slowly; watch as the scene is played out.

As you get to the end, think about what was going on for you, what did you see, what did you feel?

Talk to the Lord about these things.