Change, Transition, New Beginnings:
An interactive seminar exploring the challenges that living with change brings. Change is a fact of life and many changes occur without any major disturbance while others for whatever reason take time to work through. This seminar explores the various stages of transition, facing loss (of health, work, companionship), the difficulty with endings, the long days of waiting for something to happen and then... another change!

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Exploring Prayer:
This one day workshop offers participants the opportunity to explore various ways of praying within the context of a themed retreat. There are specific sessions: imaginative contemplation, Lectio Divina and an awareness walk and also time for people to sample two or three other 'aids' to prayer: some creative such as using colour, doing a collage, and some more reflective such as postcards, pictures and the jigsaw of life. Please contact me to discuss how this can support you.